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    Misterbianco's Duke Salvatore Trigona


The Trigona family is one of the most ancient aristocratic families in Sicily. They are present in the island since the VII century. They take their name from the Trigonne Castle in Picardy, Sweden. In 1239 the Emperor Frederick II of Swabia crowned them Dukes, Marquises and Barons in Palermo, Catania, Siracusa, Canicarao, Piazza Armerina and Floresta.

Nowadays, the Trigona di Misterbianco' brothers have bet on an agricultural tradition handed on in the course of ages, renewing the vineyards destroyed by the allies during the second world war.

Sangiovese grape in Sicily


The Trigona company, for about twenty years, has been cultivating grapes with organic methods: a healthy farming system and not so impactful to the environment. The biological method actually represents the agriculture evocation of an earlier era, when there were no herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.

The treatments used are based on natural insecticides (from vegetables), sulfur and elemental copper, fertilizations are carried out based on manure from organic farms.

The strict selection of the grapes during harvest allows to use small amounts of sulfites, however, indispensable to the preservation of the wines.

The imminent creation of a small winery in the company will enable us to complete the organic sector.

Protected nature

River Simeto valley is an amazing territory, milestone of the routes of migratory birds, rich in animal species in danger of extinction, Natural Oasis since 1984.

In july 1943 this part of the Sicilian coast was theatre of a violent battle and the family Castle and the vineyards were all destroyed. Duke Salvatore Trigona, uncle of the current owners of the fund, in the post war period planted grape varieties typical of the area: Sangiovese and Grillo.

Today Carmela and Vincenzo Trigona collected the heritage of the uncle "Duca Turiddu" to whom they dedicated the first label, supporting the secular agricultural tradition in absolutely organic regime. Here the Trigona Farm cultivates vines with passion and devotion to obtain high quality wines.


A land rich in taste

The peculiarity of alluvial soils is represented by clayey limestone arenaceous alternations: plenty of muddy substances, sea breeze and intense summer insolation give our wines strong fragrance notes, structure and sapidity.

A company appendix of about two hectares lies in the Etna d.o.c. most suitable area, in Contrada Moganazzi at 800 mt. above sea level where red grape variety Nerello Mascalese and white grape variety Carricante grow, both native of the area.

The Farm

The Trigona Farm is located in the Simeto Natural Oasis between Simeto river, Benanti torrent and the sandy beaches on the Ionian sea. Since ever belonged to the Dukes of Misterbianco, the estate covers approximately 120 hectares in the south area of Catania, "Site of Community Interest" for its wildlife and natural peculiarities.

The Gornalunga lake is located within the estate and allows observation of migratory birds, herons, flamingos and many protected species. Today the certified Farm produces cereals, citrus fruit and high quality wines adopting the organic farming method.

Misterbianco Dukes' Castle, destroyed at the end of the World War II

Duca Turiddu I.G.T.

Terre Siciliane

Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon Organic Farming regime

This important red has the name of Salvatore Trigona Duke of Misterbianco who bequeathed his beloved estate to his nephew Vincenzo.

An intense full bodied red obtained from Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, separately vinified and aged in oak barriques.

Tasting sensations

Ruby, light orange flavour, strong character. Red berry fruit, juicy and ripe, remind black cherry. Dried fruit, delicate vanilla due to oak barrels. A pinch of black pepper.

On the palate it is strong, balanced, with a pleasant savouriness, the result of a complex clay soil and a marine environment.

The delicate tannins on the finish emphasise the wine combinations elegance: red meats, great with beef shank. Serving temperature 16°-18°, allows the best combinations of organoleptic complex components.


Duchessa Rosina I.G.T.

Terre Siciliane

Grillo 100% Organic Farming regime

The white bears the name of Noblewoman Rosina, Duca Turiddu's wife.

Tasting sensations

Yellow, gold reflections, rich bouquet with olfactory taste complexity.

A garden of white calla lilies is the first impact, then zagara and juicy yellow fruit: peach, plum, banana, pine apple.

On the finish a slight hint of ginger. On the palate the sea and the sapidity of the particular terroir.

Alcoholic importance and persistence give pairings with rich dishes. Serving temperature 8°-10° with first courses, shellfish pasta, clams and shrimp; 10°-12° with fried calamari and shrimp.



Terre Siciliane

Sangiovese 100% Organic Farming regime

The name, from the Latin "fictilia" (made of clay), identifies alluvial clay soil characteristics that give the wine imprinting.

Tasting sensations

Ruby red, clear, light goes through it with elegance and beauty.

Red fruits, cherry, black cherry, plum, blackberry; tea, thyme and marjoram aromas enrich the complex bouquet. Blond tobacco and vanilla toasted notes state the long refinement.

Elegant, strong tannin, balanced, silky firmness. Pairings with aromatic and flavourful dishes: gravy meat, roast beef and pork, hard cheeses. Serving temperature 16°-18°.

Fictilia itself can hold in a bottle shades and details of this lucky area and give unique sensations.



Nerello mascalese 100% Organic Farming Regime
Produced with a selection of precious Nerello Mascalese grapes, typical Etnean vine.

Tasting sensations

Volcanic and sandy soils give a mineralogical peculiarity and a complex bouquet with blackberries and cherries signs…perceptions of combustion.
The long alcoholic soaking paints this Etna Rosso with a very deep ruby.

A few month in oak barrique rounds off the edges of this great volcanic wine. It links quite well together with braised beef, game and seasoned chees.



Nerello mascalese 100% Organic Farming Regime

Tasting sensations

This volcanic Etna Rosato has the charm and elegance of Rosè matched with Nerello: skins remain in contact with grape juice for a short time in order to guarantee bright pink color.

A flavoured wine, floral, easy to go with all courses, distinctly acid and mineral, common denominators of all the Etnean wines.



Nerello mascalese 100%

Tasting sensations

It represents our interpretation of classic sparkling wine produced with Nerello Mascalese grapes, versatile vine historically grown on the volcano slopes, 800 metres above sea level, in the Etna Doc most vocated zone.

Grapes are harvested early and vinified in white, the second fermentation is obtained by adding sugar and selected yeasts, wine thus rests for about thirty months before disgorging. A small secret addition crowns the cycle used in the Champenoise method.

In the flute a fine and intense perlage, on the nose hints of yeast and bread crust with floral notes. It goes well with raw fish and seafood, with not too seasoned cheeses.